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Saturday, 21 May 2011

We're all complete idiots.

Especially me.

Well, hello there friends, fiends and flamers. My name's Rose if you can't be bothered to read every post below, which you should do.

Well, anyway. I'm kind of sorry,euuurrrghh 'orrible word, about not posting on here since April. :D I'm just great at blogging on here, aren't I? *loud laughs from across the globe* Yeah, well, SHUT UP.

Comic reviews are kind of pointless right now as Morrison's only either have the Beano or the Dandy, never both. *Girlish Manly cry* And this week they only had the Beano. :|
Well, okay, okay I'll do a comic review on that. Hell, I'll do it right now: Too many freaking adverts.

Done. :D

Uh, bye now and stuff, people,
Rose is off... drawing doodles. :B

Friday, 15 April 2011

Onto the Dandy!

Hello there! We've done the Beano, so let's go onto the Dandy! :D (or as I like to call it; Super awesome comic which has awesomeness!)

Funny story; when I got my Dandy this week, I laughed as had the wrong free gift! XD Seriously! I got the slime and eyeballs from a couple weeks ago! XD

Stuff in the Comic
(I'm not gonna do the page numbers as you lot are gonna get confused. :D)
Front cover (Desperate Dan)
Jokes (I really don't like the jokes.)
What's inside?
Harry Hill. (I don't really like this strip.)
Desperate Dan
Kid Cops
Shorts (Britain's NOT got talent, Simples! 101 ways to use a meercat, Freddy the fearless fly, Jibber and Steve)
Create a Comic (Korky the Cat)
How NOT to run a marathon
Bone-O (New)
Clown Wars
The Bogies
Smashed Hits
The Arena of Awesome (Simon Cowelly vs David Hasseldyhoff)
Shorts (Britain's NOT got talent, Simples! 101 ways to use a meercat, Twitter, Grampire)
Puzzle page (Don't like puzzles, I just wanna see comics. D:)
Justin beaver
The London Marafun
Make your own Korky The Cat
Make your own Desperate Dan
Make me a monster
Shorts (Britain's Not Got Talent!, Simples! 101 ways to use a meercat, Nibbles, Terror Byte)
Adverts. (Grrrrrr....)
Little Cheryl
Draw Awesome! (I actually draw like that sometimes. :D)
Korky the Cat
Subscription advert (Grrrr....)
George VS Dragon (They are back! :D)
The Nazalmaze
Shorts (Britain's not got talent, Simples! 101 ways to use a meercat, Knock! Knock!, Newsblast with Rocky O'Flair)
Farm-ula One
Mail Bag
Space Dogs (New)
Next week (The Arena of Awesome sounds awesome! :D)
Desperate Dan

Should I even bother with this as the whole freaking comic's awesome and has either 8, 9 or 10? ( the 8s being the worst of course)

This is Rose, who can't actually be bothered to do a proper review, signing out. Peace!

PS: What do you think the 8s are? Write below! :D

Oh god it's happening AGAIN!

And by that I mean, more comics came out on Wednesday. :D So, it's review time.

Yus. It's Friday. I know I'm two days late to do this as I stayed over at some woman's house. (Mighty fun, however; drank some tea out of a Beano mug featuring Phil (the woman's husband) the Menace. I also found out who made the mug. :D Hope I get one for my own birthday featuring Rose the Minx. Ha ha.)

Anyway, before I get started on the Dandy, let's do the Beano to get it over and done with.

Who appeared?
1) Contents. (Filled with lots of cra- um... stupid stuff. Yeah, filed with lots of stupid stuff. Heh heh. :D)
2,3,4) Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. (You already know how much I despise that title |:( .)
5) Meebo and Zuky
6) Win a BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! (Blah X4= Some crap that I don't want. Yeah, I said that word. :) )
7,8) The Numskulls.
9) Billy Whizz.
10) Beano advertisements. (Grrr. Though I will get that annual)
11,12) Minnie the Minx.
13,14) The Bash Street Kids.
15) Antz.
16-24) Lego rubbish. (Waste of space if you ask me.)
25) Freddy Fear.
26, 27) Beano Vip. (Wow! They actually ran out of comments to use. And this was printed before the 500 character rule!)
28,29) Willy Wonka advert. (...)
30,31) Fred's Bed.
32) BFG (I'm not saying anything...)
33) Beano Subscription advert.
34-35) Retro Beano.
36-37) Roger the Dodger.
38) Dandy Ad.
39) Next week.
Back: Gnasher's Bit(e) (New)
(Don't bother correcting the page numbers. I already know I'm probably wrong)

Dennis the Menace and Gnasher 10/10. -What the hell happened to the newer Dennis? He's been good for the past few weeks! :)
Meebo and Zuky 8.5/10. - Didn't know if this should be an 8/10 or a 9/10. Some lines weren't needed and they kind of stole the piggy joke off of the Dandy. 
The Numskulls 9/10 - Best one in agggggggggggeeeeesss. However, I think it should be more funny. Some parts bored me. 
Billy Whizz 9.5/10 - I laughed! :D Especially at dad's face and the last panel. 
Minnie the Minx 8/10. - Minnie needs more 'minx'. 
The Bash Street Kids 8/10. - Bit girly if I say so myself. Even if I am a girl.
Ratz (Antz) 8/10. - End ruined it.
Freddie Fear 8.5/10. - Alright...
Fred's bed 10/10 - Just Genius! :D I loved it. :)
Roger the Dodger  10/10- I can tell it's a reprint though. That's obviously the reason why the strip has those chequered things around, otherwise all of the other comics would have their own patterns around themselves.
Gnasher's Bit(e) 10/10- Obviously a modern version of Gnasher's tale. I really enjoyed this strips for loads of reasons, the main one being that it's on the back 'cos it somehow makes me feel like it's a classic (well... old) Beano rather than the rubbish the Beano usually is. :)

Now, go read this issue! It's a good 'un! :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sorry and Stuff.

Yeah. Hi. Sorry about not being on here that much. XD But the problem is, is that I've got to revise for some tests so I don't really have that much time to go on here until they're over. In the meanwhile, I guess I'll try to post some simplified reviews for comics on here for you. :)

To make it up to you, I've just drawn this picture. :)

So, just be patient and wait until my tests are over. :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

No Good; the Beano this week.

Oh, hi, I didn't see you there... (Oh wait, I can't see you anyway. :|)
Well, that joke is ruined now...

Anyway, following on from my extremely pointless posts is this post, a review for one of Britain's favourite comic, the Beano.

Obviously, after many years, the Beano has become politically correct (Though, I admit, I think they've taken political correctness way too far.) in many ways.
Personally, I really hate all this political correctness and wish it'll end soon, most of those freaks (Over protective parents/ political correctness weirdoes.) read comics when they were young and I doubt they were thinking 'OMG. This is unsuitable for children my age. It should be banned.', so why should they now? Over protecting/spoiling children means a LOT less independence when those kids are older, which could (and WOULD BE) really bad. (EG.They wouldn't be able to work without someone actually doing/telling them how to do their job.)
Also, characters like Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx are dissing their name with all this 'child friendly' rubbish. (I mean c'mon, Walter is more of a freaking menace than Dennis is! You know that political correctness has gone too far when the softie is worse behaved than the menace!)

Anyway, back to the main subject, the review for this week's. (Have in mind that I actually only started reading comics at the beginning of September 2009 so your opinion could possibly be different.)
Just for you to know, I'll tell you what was in the comic, then my opinion on them (well review.)  in case you're thinking 'that's not a review'.

1) Cover: Okay, I kind of like the cover other than the fact that it has a bunch of random signs saying 'WIN'  and 'TOP DRAW WITH uDRAW!' (In other words 'advert'.)
(Note: My good friend Swirythingy, on the Beano forum ( has pointed out that this issue has last week's issue's issue number. Wow, don't think I've ever said issue that much. LOL)

2 & 3) Contents (Well, that's what I think it is.): Not everything inside is on the contents, they've spelt 'Dodger' wrong (Second week in a row! Oh and also thank Swirlythingy for that one too.) and why do we need 2 pages for the awfully short content and all this other stuff which we don't need? Not the best start to the inside of the comic.

4 & 5) Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. (I'm NEVER going to call it 'Dennis and Gnasher'): Don't like how they've... um... 'professionally' (ha ha) put Beano on Dennis' cart thing. Other than that, this story is GOOD. Although still politically correct, Dennis is definitely much more menacing than the Dennis we had about 6 months ago. Which is a good, no GREAT, sign that he may lose his 'nice' act in the near future. (One of the best this week! :D)

6 & 7) Formula Fun: Didn't read, don't want to. ( I don't like this sort of game/factual stuff.)

8) Billy Whizz: It's okay. I like the idea, but it's not exactly the Billy Whizz which people knew from the beginning.

9) BFG: Oh god. How much do I hate this?! The jokes are TERRIBLE! This whole thing just wastes 1 good page for a comic. (Notice how they NEVER seem to miss this out, yet a number of characters (Even Ivy!) were missed out. Perhaps the Beano staff prefer rubbish jokes to actual comics. Wouldn't surprise me.)

10 & 11) Minnie the Minx: Like Dennis, she too has been struck with political correctness. This story is good,   but not my favourite in the whole comic. However, I like the idea of everyone's dad's meeting up to tell their tales about how bad their children are.

12) Spot the Menace!: Dennis' (edited) eyes on the 2 picture scare me. I still hate those weird game things.

13) Subscription advert: You should know how much I hate adverts.

14 & 15) The Numskulls: Not funny. Same comment as the one I game Billy, the Numskulls just aren't the same as they used to be.

16 & 17) The Bash Street Kids: Way better than the week's before, and before that, and before... well, you get what I mean. This story is okay. Not that funny, but it's okay.

18 & 19) Robbie Rebel (Reprint):  Thought panel 5 looked a bit weird. This story wasn't very funny, though nice idea though. The terrible re-scripting is what really ruins stories like these, and personally I don't like reprints anyway.

20) Gimme! Gimme!: Don't read, don't like contests which are basically cons. (Loads enter to receive nothing.)

21 & 22) uDRAW advert: Don't have a WII, already have a tablet, don't care about adverts anyway.

23 & 24) Fred's Bed: Nice idea, good story yet, still not one of the best this week. Some of the jokes were stupid and Austin Powers isn't even aimed at the Beano's readers.

25 & 26) Retro Beano: I think it should be 1 page maximum. I don't mind Retro Beano reprints as much as normal reprints because at least they actually say they're reprints.

27 & 28) Beano VIP: Um... 'nice' choice of pictures and comments you have there... not...

29 & 30) Roger the Dodger: One of the best stories! I actually laughed! I liked the ending. :)

31) 60 Second Dennis: I thought it was going to be good, but then the ending ruined it. Very bad.

32) And on the last page, we have... (drum roll) 2 ADVERTS!: Yay! No, wait... What? More adverts. Darn.

Back: Ooh! Another advert! Horrid Henry advert! Double points for being the copy of Dennis! :D
... |:(

So, in 32 pages (and a back), we have the total of 9 comics (1 reprint. Not including Retro Beano.), 6 adverts,  and 7 other.

What a brilliant issue! ...Not.
What do you think of the new 'advert' Beanos? I personally don't like them. Post your opinion of them below. |:(

PS: I would've actually posted this on the Beano's website, but now they don't allow comments which are over 500 characters.

Monday, 21 March 2011

My list of 10: vocabulary which I hate :D

Hi, how are you all? Sike! I don't care about all you lot. :D Only that you are my fans. Fans are awesome! :D
A fan. It makes you cool! ...Literally. :|

Anyway, I know that you all came here to know what words I hate (you stalkers... :D) rather than a whole lecture about what a 'fan' is. So, here we go.

Number 10: Flowerpot.

Number 9: Babe.

Number 8: Roasties

Number 7: Pwned/Pwnage

Number 6: Fail. (Not 'failure', just 'fail')

Number 5: Epic.

Number 4: Hottie/Hot. (I hate 'hottie' a bit more than 'hot' though.)

Number 3: Burger.

Number 2: Hobnob.

Number 1: Grill.

Well, there you have it, my list of words which I hate. Most of these I don't even know why I hate. :| But whatever. I'm gonna go and eat some cheese now. Bye.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hi there, MORONS.

Hello, if you're stupid enough to not know or to not see the  'About me' page thingy, then my name is Rose.

*Long boring paragraph about why I joined Blogger*

So, just to warn you, this blog is about my life (Which many presume I don't have) my drawings, comics, other stuff I like so if you don't admire blogs like mine, then GET OFF. NOW.

And I might as well add that I shall bring in my own terrible humour on here to make it even worse... For you. Hee hee. ^^

Anyway, stick around and enjoy my blog (Hopefully no one will mistake this word for 'bog' otherwise I will be worried. O_O) if you want to, of course. :)